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See the best of Berlin and learn the history of this European capital. A stellar guide will inform you about Nazi Germany, the Cold War, and modern Berlin
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Berlin City tours provides an unparalleled history of the most defining figure and regime of the 20th Century - Hitler and the Third Reich.
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Explore the German capital on one of our Berlin walking tours

Germany is a country rich in history, and Berlin a city equally rich in historical events. Berlin walking tours explore the proud heritage and equally proud people known as Berliners. This world class city offers some of the best places to visit in all of Europe, and the remarkable sights within the city center are always a perfect place to spend your Berlin visit. Every single one of the Berlin walking tours have been carefully designed to make sure you have a fun-filled and educational journey whether you are a first-timer or an experienced tourist. Professional and charismatic guides lead the way, making sure you see all the best places to visit. With six unique Berlin walking tours ranging from a street art workshop to an exploration of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, there’s sure to be a perfect day waiting for you.

Sightseeing in Berlin is easy with Berlin walking tours

There are various types of walking tours to select from. For instance, if you’re interested in the crème de la crème of sightseeing in Berlin, book the ‘Best of Berlin’ tour. Various guides with different expertises lead this tour where you’ll learn about Berlin’s chaotic history from the city during the Weimar Republic to Nazi Berlin, to the split city and country during the Cold War and beyond. With loads of fascinating information and eye-opening destinations, you’ll be wishing to retake it the following day. But that’s not everything. If Berlin’s infusive culture and dynamic one-of-a-kind lifestyle interest you, consider going on the Alternative Berlin Experience tour. Sightseeing in Berlin is a breeze with Berlin City Tours.

Berlin Walking Tours

Berlin Walking Tours expose you to one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe. A city adored for its history, its charm, its reputation, and its old-world beauty. Whether you are beginning your first journey to visit Berlin or your thirtieth, be sure to leave some time to enjoy Berlin walking tours through the rich city. A city bursting with affluent cultures and diverse histories is deserving of your full attention and time of thought. Berlin walking tours offer the opportunity to explore all of the stunning experiences and views in a calm and well-thought manner. Begin your German adventure today.